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June 11, 2009


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thi nguyen

sad story...............just wanna cry


What a wonderful testimony to your aunt. I have no doubt you will see her again.


Trang (!),
I am sorry to hear this, hope you are well. I have an aunt with cancer. ..,
Thinking back, I should let you know that when I was little, I couldn't stuff my mouth with food fast enough, so my parents say. I would even push food into my mouth with my fingers to make room for more. Two hours for two bowls of rice...I like that for some reason. I guess we balance each other out.

Today my sister and her boyfriend left Richmond for Austin, TX...good to know there's already good company in the state.


Thanks Ben! Today all my family and relatives went to see my aunt off to the restful place. She will suffer no pain...

Glad to hear your sister and her boyfriend moving. Hopefully they will love Austin. It's a very nice city. BTW, I googled "Huong Tra" (my hometown district name) it appeared to be a Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond. Huge surprise!!! You must go there, try the food and tell me how it is :-).


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